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SL Description
1.21-07-2017Notification No:-3281,Transfer/ posting Order of ADCPU.
2.30-06-2017Notification No-2846, Transfer/Posting Order Of CDPO.
3.29-06-2017Notification No:-2840 Transfer/posting order of ADCPU.
4.29-06-2017Notification No:- 2828, Transfer / Posting Order of DPO.
5.29-06-2017Notification No:-2841, Transfer/ Posting Order of CDPO.
6.29-06-2017Notification No:-2839, Transfer Posting Order of Assistant Director social Security.
7.17-02-2017Notification No-584, Regarding Transfer and posting of CDPO.
8.17-02-2017Notification No-585, Regarding Transfer and Posting of ADSS.